Customer Personalization

Convert more browsers to buyers by personalizing the shopping experience.


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What is this superpower?

Personalize your shopping experience for each shopper in real-time. Result: convert more browsers to buyers.

Why is it important for growth?

Whether it's been greeted by name, asked how we are, or when we received suggestions tailored to our own individual tastes, people love it and thrive when treated as individuals. Personalized individual experiences for each shopper increases the depth of the relationship between your brand and the people you care about - your customers.

How can brands take advantage of this?

Install Frankie Personalized Recommendations to personalize your shoppers' journey with you today.

About this partner

Converting Browsers to Buyers is our total focus. We specialize in conversion rate optimisation through personalization. The results of our Frankie app speak for themselves. An average ROI of 122x across all stores using Frankie. Frankie is also backed by multiple independent A/B tests - using Shopify endorsed - that validate the increase in revenue resulting from Frankie. Equally importantly, we're known for our exceptional customer service and always here to support you.


Integrations with other platforms that make this superpower even more impactful.

Personalize Online Store Based on Okendo Product Reviews

Frankie personalized recommendations automatically incorporate and display the social proof provided by Okendo product reviews to further increase your conversion rate. The integration ensures Frankie recommendations seamlessly match your store.

Personalize Online Store Based on Yotpo Reviews

Frankie's Yotpo integration utilises Yotpo product reviews and UGC to increase the relevance and conversion rates of Frankie personalized recommendations.

Connect Online Store Personalization with Klaviyo Flows

Frankie hyper-personalization can be added into Klaviyo flows such as welcome series, abandon cart, post-purchase, browse abandonment and customer win back to increase click-through rates and improve online store activity.

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