Paid Search & Social Marketing

Paid Search & Social Marketing

With Alli

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It is remarkably easy to waste a ton of money on paid advertising. And it's really hard to figure out how to do this if you've never done it before. If you're just starting out, we can talk about some practical next steps; if you're well-established, we can talk about how to optimise your spend and improve ROI.

Before our call, we would like to find out more about…

  • Visitor metrics
  • Conversion rates
  • Ad spend
  • Ad channels
  • Your growth and business goals

During our call, we would talk about…

  • What's working well and what's not working well
  • Where you'd like to see improvements
  • What you've been focusing on and what you might like to focus on more
  • Challenges you have been having
  • Any questions you might have

After our call, you will get…

  • A recording of our conversation
  • A short summary of possible action points to help you move forward