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MuteSix is the leading direct-response advertising agency in the country—specializing in new customer acquisition through Facebook/Instagram, GoogleAds/YouTube, Amazon, influencer, and email marketing.

They're currently partnered with over 250 fast-growing direct-to-consumer brands.

They can help with performance marketing (media buying and direct-response advertising) and creative (content creation, repurposing assets, videos, photography, etc.).

They help with improving low conversion rates, low traffic to the site, spending too much and not seeing returns, and optimizing ad campaigns.

They’re particularly passionate about helping their DTC clients scale their ad spend and drive as much revenue as possible. All of their campaign managers compensation plans are directly tied to how well their clients' campaigns are doing!

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At Lucid, we’re big believers in collaboration and assembling teams of expert partners.

If you’re looking to grow faster and need guidance and support, we’d love to find our more about what you’re struggling with and how we might be able to help.

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