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Sync Zero-Party Data Collected Through Octane AI with Klaviyo

Sync all the zero-party data collected through Octane AI with Klaviyo. This integration makes it easy for your brand to segment customers and send personalized emails and SMS messages.

Connect Online Store Personalization with Klaviyo Flows

Frankie hyper-personalization can be added into Klaviyo flows such as welcome series, abandon cart, post-purchase, browse abandonment and customer win back to increase click-through rates and improve online store activity.

Improve Subscription Communications with Klaviyo

Working with Klaviyo to create communication flows is the best way to mitigate customer churn. Education is such a huge piece of the subscription experience, enabling Klaviyo to superpower those conversations leads to better retention.

Automate Flows & Segments in Klaviyo

Daasity streams customer data directly into Klaviyo. Once a customer's profile is updated in Klaviyo, an automated flow and segment can be created to message these customers for the exclusive offers during the holidays. This process is fully automated and customer profiles are constantly updated based on each customer's purchasing behavior.

Once the data is passed from Daasity to Klaviyo, there are so many other ways to use this data in an automated way. There are many more automations and segments that you can create based on this core data (e.g., targeting Churning or Lapsed HVCs, sending HVCs a welcome series, targeting customers with different levels of LTV:CAC ratios) to meaningfully drive your business forward and increase your profitability.

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