Our broad approach for creative web projects

Once we get sign-off on the project, we will begin working through a series of broad phases as follows.

Kicking off

Once we have sign-off on the proposal and have received the deposit payment, we will reach out to you to gather information, content, and images to start pulling things together so the creative team can make an efficient start. This is a chance to lock down the scope of work and clarify any questions you might have about the direction.

Research and discovery

The purpose of this phase is for our team to become fully immersed so we are inspired and are living-and-breathing the project to give us the best chance of making informed decisions and recommendations that have the best chance of leading to a successful outcome.

Wireframing and content strategy

The depths we go in this phase will depend on the project and, in particular, the complexity of the content and user-interactions. The goal here is generally to sketch out all major templates so we can get a clear understanding of the expected layout, functionality, and user-flows before moving on to the more complex visual design phases.


If needed, we will set up systems, back-ends, and services. This is also when we will start inputting and setting up content—or working with you and your team to help with this.


Once we have a clear understanding of the breadth and scope of the project, the layout and functionality, and the direction we are going, we will work on a series of increasingly refined visual mockups. At the end of this phase, the goal is to have complete visuals for all the major aspects of the project. This phase provides opportunities for you to engage with us to add input and provide feedback on the visual direction.


Once we have sign-off on the visual direction, we build out the necessary templates and functionality. This is where we bring together the content strategy, wireframes, and visual mockups to flesh out the final product.

QA and user-testing

Depending on the scale and scope of the project, we will do less or more testing throughout the build and as the project nears completion to ensure the site is functional, intuitive, and usable and that we have considered appropriate user-flows and calls-to-action.


As the site nears completion, we will go through headings, content, links, etc. to adjust or advise on tweaks and improvements to help with SEO.

Going live!

Once we have worked through all the phases of the project and we have sign-off on the unpublished site, we switch domains and put the site live. At this point, we continue to test and make sure connected services are working—such as Google Analytics, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, Facebook Pixel, etc.


Going live with a site—particularly a new site—is not the final step. It is in fact just the beginning. We strongly recommend giving serious thought to what happens once the site goes live—and we will do our best to discuss this throughout the project. \

We recommend allocating an ongoing budget for tweaks, improvements, optimization, maintenance, and overall business growth strategy.