Shopify setup packages

Get set up on Shopify after a successful Indiegogo campaign

Is your Indiegogo campaign nearing its goal?

As your presales start to wind up, you will need to be thinking about the process to shifting your energy towards direct-to-consumer ecommerce sales.

Shopify is an excellent platform for getting up and running quickly so you can continue your momentum while you shift gears.

What’s involved?

A bit about our process and how we work

We can support with everything from design and branding to store setup and configuration, theme design and development, and app and add-on setup and integrations.

Depending on your needs, we can put together a simple package using a Shopify theme with minimal dev work or we can scope out a full custom design and build—as well as custom backend integrations if needed.

Our goal initially is to find out as much as we can about your needs and to work with you to find the sweet spot in terms of budget and scope of work so we can put together a package that delivers the maximum potential return on investment.

We want to deliver a result with maximum impact and minimum level of effort—without underdelivering or over-futureproofing.

We see the launch of your new site as the first step of your next chapter rather than the ultimate goal of the project.


Example Shopify Packages


Migration & Setup

Typical Scope…

Simple Wireframes & Design

Shopify Setup

Theme Selection & Configuration

Shipping & Taxes Setup

Load Products & Images

Input Page Content

App Installation


Design & Build

Migration & Setup Plus…

More Comprehensive Wireframes & Design Process

Custom Templates

Custom Development

Custom App Integration

Creative Design Direction

Strategic Growth Direction


Full Custom

Design & Build Plus…

Full User-Experience Design Phase

Full Visual Design Phase

Full Custom Build

Ongoing Strategic & Ecommerce Growth Support

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Determining the best Shopify tech stack for rapid ecommerce growth

Once we have defined your goals and requirements, we can determine which partners might be a good fit to help you get up and running on Shopify as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We can then work with you and the various partners to “connect the dots” and manage the setup, configuration, and integration with Shopify as well as supporting and managing the connections between the various apps and services.

We take a pragmatic, best-practice approach initially and are of the firm philosophy that it’s best to get set up with minimal level of effort and to then build upon this foundation and iterate and extend as you gather data and grow.

Some of our best-in-class Shopify partners

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Needing a Quick Setup?

Are you a brick-and-mortar store in the process of setting up online? Or are you just starting out? Our store setup package is designed to get you up and running on Shopify quickly and inexpensively.

Working on a Project?

Do you have ambitious growth plans? Or are you looking for a new agency? We’d love to find out more about where you’re heading and whether we might be a good fit to help you get there!