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What are your goals for growth this year?

We help ecommerce brands grow faster on Shopify Plus

Are you looking to achieve rapid growth?

Shopify Plus powers some of the world’s fastest-growing brands

By offering an ecommerce platform built for speed, agility, and scalability, Shopify Plus enables high-growth brands to move faster with less overheads.

At Lucid, our approach is to identify the problems we are looking to solve, design pragmatic, nimble, measurable solutions, develop and build these solutions, then measure and test—and rinse and repeat.

Our goal is to design measurable learning opportunities so we can use data and past experience to direct and inform future decisions while focusing on core success metrics—such as growth or profitability.

Shopify Plus certified partner

We have been Shopify partners since the very beginning

We began designing and building Shopify sites in 2006—the year the platform launched.

We were invited into the Partners, Experts, and Shopify Plus Experts programs at launch.

We host the New York Shopify Meetup and the Auckland Shopify Partner Meetup. We have authored chapters in Shopify’s Grow series of books and we have spoken at Shopify’s partner conference and various meetups and events.

We live and breath Shopify and have on our team some of the industry’s most experienced developers, designers, and design thinkers.

Our growth services

We use design and design thinking to develop nimble, measurable solutions to complex problems

Our strategic growth services include

  • UX strategy and design
  • UI design
  • Branding and visual design
  • Custom Shopify theme design and development
  • Prototyping and rapid development
  • Conversion-rate optimization
  • Marketing strategy consulting
  • Data and analytics
  • Content planning and creation
  • App and add-on integrations and custom integration development
  • Migrations and replatforming
  • Custom app development

How we connect the dots

Best-in-class Shopify partnerships

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