Day #1 of #The100DayProject 2019

Inspired by Courtney Symon’s Medium post, I thought it would be fun to have a crack at creating my own 100 Day Project.

What better way to persevere with one of my long-dormant ideas for a side-project than to use the discipline of producing something every day for 100 days to kick it off and keep it moving.

I’d had the idea when I first moved to New York City in 2016 to create a series of t-shirts, posters, etc. depicting icons from around the world that make us think fondly of home.

I had come up with the name Heimat—a word I have always liked….

Heimat is a German word with no English equivalent that denotes the relationship of a human being towards a certain spatial social unit. The term forms a contrast to social alienation and usually carries positive connotations. It is often expressed with terms such as home or homeland.

I had spun up a Shopify dev store back then but hadn’t got much further than tweaking the typography and colors—and hadn’t even set up any products.

My idea is to start with icons from The Noun Project and see where things evolve from there. Although the first image is a map of New Zealand—because I genuinely made this to wear as I’ve not yet come across a simple, minimalist New Zealand map t-shirt I actually like that is not tacky and touristy.

So, less than 24 hours after reading Courtney’s post, I thought it might be fun to use The 100 Day Project to attempt to build a Shopify site from scratch and see if I can product a product-a-day (more or less) and actually create an online brand.

I’ve attempted this before and was humbled very quickly to discover that it’s almost trivially easy to build a website; it’s remarkably difficult to build an actual brand—and even more difficult to develop it into a successful business.

So, here goes.

Day #1: Creating a logo, building a website, creating a product, registering domains, setting up social media profiles, and launching

Started out with and have already changed it to—as I think it’s a better representation of what I am attempting to do. Would have been nice to have or something simple but all options were taken.

I've got the social media handles on Instagram, Facebook (for some reason, the page isn’t eligible for a custom username), Pinterest and Twitter (which immediately locked me out when I set the birthdate as April 2nd, 2019—the day The 100 Day Project kicked off!).

I have installed Printful for t-shirt mockup generation and on-demand printing. I don’t really want to start “another t-shirt” store but it does seem like a good place to begin.

v1 of the website

Heimat Shopify site on day 1 of The 100 Day Challenge

Immediate challenges

Creating authentic content is something we are big advocates of at Lucid—and this is clearly one of the toughest things to do. Especially with a brand new brand. So, day one is a little bland and boring.

My next goal is to see how I can make use of free stock imagery in conjunction with the products I create to add a layer of visual storytelling—while attempting to keep it real and avoid feeling cheap and inauthentic.

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