New in Shopify: Gift Cards at long last

One of the most requested features in Shopify is gift cards and vouchers.

We’re pretty excited to have been invited to participate in the closed beta of Shopify’s newest feature: Gift Cards (here are full details and docs).

This is something we are often asked about and, to be honest, the workaround of using promo codes has been less than ideal.

Promo codes are literally a code entered on checkout that applies a discount (either a dollar amount or a percentage—or free shipping). They can’t be used over multiple purchases and they have to be entered partway through the checkout process which is not overly intutitive.

The new gift cards, on the other hand, are treated like a product that customers can purchase like any other product. This in itself is a huge step up from promo codes as selling promo codes as de facto gift cards did not work very well.

Once a gift card has been purchased, the customer receives an email with a personalised link to the gift card. From the email, they can either spend the gift card themselves or there are links to gift it to someone else.

Customising the design

Gift cards are customisable through their own liquid template. This means they can be crafted to match the look-and-feel of your shop's theme.

What else?

With gift cards, store owners can:

  • Specify price denominations of gift cards you sell to your customers
  • Customise the design and look-and-feel of the gift cards
  • Personalise the email notification your customer receives after purchase
  • Set an expiration date for gift cards
  • Purchase a gift card for a friend and email it to them or print directly from the browser
  • Send customers their gift card balances and manage gift cards in the Shopify admin


We haven’t had a chance to have a full play with gift cards but from initial testing on some of our clients’ stores, this looks like another fantastic feature that just cements Shopify further as a leader in the e-commerce space.

Well done, team.

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  • Hi, thanks for sharing an overview for the Gift Card feature from Shopify. It will be one of the killer feature on Shopify.

    Also, regards to the font-weight:100 in your styling, the readability is bad. Please take readability into consideration for your design.

    Cheers =)


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