How to optimise your Shopify site for mobile devices

In creating Lucid Mobile, our first, mobile-optimised Shopify theme, we’ve realised many Shopify store owners do not realise they can very easily add a 2nd, mobile-only theme to their site.

Since June 2011, Shopify has made it possible to install a dedicated mobile theme in parallel to your main theme. This is great for sites with themes that are not are not well-optimised for mobile devices.

Many recent themes are “responsive,” meaning they adapt elegantly and automatically to different screen sizes however there are many older or custom-designed themes that are not. The browsing experience with these sites when viewed on a mobile device can be cumbersome at best—and sometimes unusable!

The process of adding a mobile theme is easy:

  1. Login to your Shopify site at
  2. Go to the Themes Manager at
  3. Browse to the Shopify Theme Store and click on Mobile to view the dedicated mobile themes
  4. Once you've found the theme you want, click Get Theme to install it on your store (you may need to enter your store’s address)
  5. You can now tweak and customise the theme while it's un-published
  6. Once you're happy with it, click Publish

It’s really that easy!

And, it’s clear there’s a rapidly growing trend towards consumers making purchases from their mobiles. Is your Shopify site taking advantage of this trend?

Let us know if you have any queries or would like advice on getting your Shopify store optimised for mobiles.

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