Compare iPhone app live on the App Store

Our third iPhone app has gone live in the App Store just seven days in review.

Compare is a simple iPhone app developed as a little side-project by Galen as a way to learn iOS and have a little play with designing and building an app from scratch with no input from our dev team.

Most supermarkets in New Zealand do not display price per unit making it difficult to determine the best deal. Compare is a price comparison app that shows the best deal between two products.

All you do is enter the price and units for each product and Compare will instantly show which ones is the best value.

There are numerous comparison apps on the App Store but they all seem overly complicated with interfaces that are more complicated than needed. I have designed Compare to be the easiest way to check which of two products is the best value.

The app does not even ask for the units of measurement as it simply assumes the same units are used for both sides.

Check it out on our portfolio or take a look at Compare on our Lucid Code site where you can buy it from the App Store.


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