Today we launch our new website

It's been almost a full year in the making and we are really thrilled to finally be launching our new website.

At first glance it may not seem much different from our previous site but, after countless hours spent on design concepts and numerous revisions, we concluded that we got so much good feedback on our previous site and there were so many things we liked about it that we simply had a major freshen up.

We also rebuilt the entire site from scratch since we have been wanting to move away from our old CMS (content-management system) for some time and we're really pleased to now have Lucid Design running on our new platform, Harmony which is just fantastic.

In addition to being more stable, faster and hugely more flexible, it also makes it considerably easier for our whole team to manage the site, add articles, blog posts and portfolio work and tweak and polish to design as things evolve.

There are still a few little glitches and rough edges to iron out but we have had a great response to the new design from those we showed it to prior to launching and we welcome any feedback anyone has.

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