Tip: How to reset your PayPal password using a New Zealand bank account number

I received an email this morning from someone asking if I knew how to contact PayPal from New Zealand because they have been locked out of their account and can't get back in.

I have had this problem before too and their email prompted me to write up a quick article on how to unlock a PayPal account with a New Zealand bank account number.

The problem is that PayPal expects your bank account number in a specific format but they don't specify what this format is.

I've done some trial-and-error and worked out that, despite the fact they ask for your "full bank account number", you have to exclude the first six digits (bank and branch).

So, if your account number is 12-3456-7890123-00, you would need to enter just 789012300.

Can't get much more obscure than that!

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