A little laser-cutting project

A graphic designer friend in Wellington recently showed me some cool stuff they were working on that had been made by Ponoko. I had heard of Ponoko before but hadn't had a chance to check them out. I was immediately inspired by the possibilities and thought a little sign for our building was the perfect excuse to test out what Ponoko does.

For those who have never heard of them, Ponoko is a website that enables people to updload vector artwork and they laser-cut and engrave per your design and send it back in the post. It's all very easy.

A bit like the painter who never paints his own house, we at Lucid Design have been without any street signage since we moved into our new studio over a year ago.

We decided to create something simple and a bit different than the usual vinyl-cut signage. Ponoko turned out to be an inexpensive and fun way to do it.

We created the artwork in Illustrator, uploaded it to Ponoko, chose our materials and, about a week later, got a little package by courier. Yippee!

The cool thing about Ponoko is that they are actually based right here in New Zealand. Check them out.

I've included some photos of the process. Hope you enjoy them.

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