Google Chrome. Do we need another web browser?

Google today announced the release of their own web browser, Google Chrome.

My first reaction was, do we need another web browser. With several versions each of Safari, Firefox, Internet Explore, Opera and others already making life very complicated for web developers, what's it going to mean for us having yet another browser to test for. However, Google Chrome is built using components from WebKit and Firefox and it apparently renders the same as Safari.

If this is the case, Google Chrome could be a good thing. With its vast user base, perhaps Google will help eradicate (ha!) Internet Explorer as more and more users make the switch to Safari, Firefox and now Google Chrome. Perhaps it will, in fact, make life easier for web developers.

Will this mean a renewed browser war? I doubt it but it will certainly put the pressure on Microsoft.

Google Chrome is available for Windows first but a Mac (and Linux) version is on its way. I look forward to checking it out.

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