How to show NZ Post tracking details in Shopify notification emails

Shopify has recently added two great new features: shipping confirmation emails and shipping update emails.

By default, for some reason, the emails generated show a link to{{ fulfillment.tracking_number }} which, of course, doesn't work.

However, it's not very hard to change this for New Zealand Post (including CourierPost) so it does work.

New Zealand parcel tracking

If you want to give your customers a link directly to the tracking information for their parcel, you can use this in the two email templates for shipping:{{ fulfillment.tracking_number }}

Update 12/05/11:{{ fulfillment.tracking_number }}


  • shopify parcel tracking plugin

  • I also agree to using the third party shipment tracking site, TrackingMore. You can try here:

  • Try TrackingMore email notifications feature!


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