Campaignified for Shopify

Campaignified integrates Shopify with your Campaign Monitor account by automatically subscribing your customers and passing through rich customer details and product and order information.

Sync customer data with Campaign Monitor!

If a customer opts-in to be contacted for marketing purposes, their details will be automatically added to your specified list in Campaign Monitor. If you're already registered with Campaign Monitor, you can be up and running with Campaignified in under a minute!

Used by Shopify and Campaign Monitor lovers all over the world!

Check out a world map of where Campaignified is being used—!

Can I use this app for free?

When you first install Campaignified, you'll have the opportunity to sign up to the "Premium" plan with a 7-day free trial. At just $9 per month, the Premium plan offers a range of extra custom field data which allows you to create targeted campaigns using Campaign Monitor's list segments.

You may downgrade at any time before the trial ends and not be charged a cent or, if you're sure you won't need the extra features provided with Premium, you can bypass the trial and start immediately on the free plan.

Campaignified is completely free for basic usage!

What exactly do I get with the paid plan?

With a paid plan, you'll get access to over 20 custom fields—including data on products ordered and other fields unavailable in Campaign Monitor's official Shopify app.

These open up a whole range of segmenting and automation options.

For a full and up-to-date list of custom fields available on each plan, see our plans page.

Questions or suggestions?

We've done our best to provide comprehensive FAQs and documentation for Campaignified. For questions, suggestions, and support, please visit our Campaignified support site.

Notes on support

Campaignified and Campaign Monitor are separate companies. We will often do our best to help out with Campaign Monitor queries if we can—but if you have specific questions or issues with Campaign Monitor, it’s best to reach out directly to their awesome support team.

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