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Everything you need to know about the latest Shopify announcements from Shopify Reunite

Everything you need to know about the latest Shopify announcements from Shopify Reunite

May 25, 2020
Alli Burg

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Last week Shopify held a livestream event called Shopify Reunite where the Shopify leadership team revealed new and upcoming features and provided insights about the future of commerce.

You can watch the hour long recap video here, or you can read our quick summary of everything you need to know around what Shopify announced and how it can potentially impact your business.

Financial updates


Region Available: Canada, USA, UK

Available: Live
Knowing that traditional bank loans can feel long and cumbersome. Shopify designed Capital to help businesses grow with a streamlined application process with minimal paperwork. Eligible Shopify merchants will be able to apply for funding, which is determined by your sales history at Shopify and once approved, funds can be in your bank account in as little as days. Shopify Capital is designed to help grow your business. To date, Shopify has funded thousands of businesses from as low as $200 to $1 million.
Get access to Shopify capital here.


Region Available: Shop Pay USA

Available: Later this year

‘Buy now, pay later’ has proven to be a conversion driver. When a buyer is ready to check out with Shop Pay, they can choose to pay in installments, which will split their purchase amount into 4 equal installment payments—with zero interest or fees to the buyer.
Shop Pay Installments will be available to new and existing Shop Pay users; with new users needing to register for Shop Pay before using this feature. Merchants will receive the full purchase amount upfront less a fee, and Shopify’s partner will manage collecting payments from the buyers.
This will be interesting to see performance with our partners over at AfterPay, QuadPay, Sezzle and Klarna as this experience will be more seamless and customers won’t be redirected to other domains to complete their purchase.
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Region Available: USA

Available: Later this year

Shopify Balance is a financial product looking to empower merchants with tools to help them take control of their business finances all within their Shopify admin. Shopify Balance includes the following:

  • Shopify Balance account: A one-stop-shop within the Shopify admin where merchants can get a clear view of cash flow, pay bills, track expenses and make more informed decisions about the future of their business.
  • Shopify Card: Physical and virtual cards that merchants can use to access their money faster when spending in-store, online or via mobile, as well as withdrawing from ATMs.
  • Rewards: Cash back and discounts on business spending such as shipping and marketing.

Join the waitlist.

Fast and simplified online selling

Shopify Express theme

Region Available: Global

Available: Live

The new Shopify store theme designed to get you online quickly. It requires little to no customization and provides a polished look for stores with limited product photography. Express is optimized with a mobile-first buyer in mind and was designed with service shops, including restaurants and food and beverage businesses, in mind but can be used by anyone. We will likely be using this theme for our Shopify Trust the Chef packages!

Get the Shopify Express theme for your store.

Gift cards

Region Available: Global

Available: Launched April 15

Shopify is now making Gift Cards available on all plans in an effort to give communities another way to support small businesses. By offering gift cards for sale you can help generate incoming cash flow so you can still pay your expenses—maintaining a net positive cash flow will help ensure your business can stay afloat and weather this storm.

Learn more about Shopify gift cards.

Enable gift cards on your store.

Merchant tipping

Region Available:  Global

Available: Live

Online tipping gives buyers the option to tip a percentage of their order total, or a custom amount, on the payment page of checkout. While tipping is more common in certain industries, including restaurants, it’s a feature that enables buyers everywhere to support businesses they love—even when there isn’t a product or service they want to buy at this moment. Merchants can easily customize the online tipping features so your customers understand how they’re helping: financially supporting your fulfillment team, raising money for charity, or anything else they can think of.

Enable tipping on your store.

Cross border domains

Region Available:  Global

Available: in Beta testing

Local Domains enables merchants to assign individual domains to a country/currency, as well as a language (or set of languages), to offer an improved localized buying experience for international customers. Setting up local domains improves the shopping experience of international customers and builds trust, resulting in these customers coming back again to make a purchase Domains feature would enable merchants to quickly scale their business globally, by tailoring their online store to match the needs of their international customers.

133 Currencies

Region Available: Global

Available: in Beta testing

Shopify Payments now supports 133 global currencies. Multi-currency makes it scalable for merchants to target international customers, and will allow you to sell in local currencies and settle in the store currency. This will help the customer experience and allow you to increase your store global selling making for a more personalized experience irrespective of the location where your brand is headquartered.

Enable this in your store.

Custom FX

Region Available: Global

Available: in Beta testing, available to merchants from countries where Shopify Payments is enabled

Custom Foreign Exchange (FX) pricing using rules based logic to make it easier for Shopify merchants to target buyers in local currency. This will enable merchants to market and advertise effectively, without worrying about changing product pricesHaving that transparent pricing will be really important to build trust with international customers.

Subscriptions and upsells in checkout

Region Available: Global

Available: Later this year

Shopify is working on checkout app extensions for subscriptions and up-selling or cross selling. This was announced last year so we will check in with updates as to when this is available.

Marketing and sales

The New Shopify POS

Region Available: Global, integrated HW/payments in US/CA/UK/IE only

Available: Launched May 4

Shopify released their all-new Shopify POS earlier this month; a fully redesigned, rebuilt, and extensible POS system with omnichannel capabilities at the forefront. Additional features of Shopify POS Pro will be free for everyone until October 31, 2020.

Apps are at the forefront of the all-new POS so you can easily bring in loyalty program and rewards and special discounts. The all-new POS includes curbside pickup functionality. This means merchants can create customized instructions for curbside pickup in front of their stores, allowing buyers to shop online and pick up their orders safely, while maintaining physical distancing protocols. The new POS also includes more convenience for store staff including global search and ability to create customer profiles.

Customer profiles are exciting because they are created with every online or in-store checkout, and further information is added every time that customer interacts again with your store.  This information can now include lifetime spend, loyalty points accumulated, and other indicators through customizable tags. This helps merchants create and identify target customer segments for marketing campaigns, and personalize interactions with customers to create brand loyalty.

Future features includes options for contactless checkout and continuing to expand POS functionality globally. The Tap & Chip reader is now available in Canada, and will be expanding further this year, starting with the UK.

Learn more on the Shopify blog about the new POS.


Region Available: USA

Available: Launched April 27

The default Shopify Shopping app will change to accommodate Google’s recently announced changes to make Google Shopping free for most organic or search-driven queries. With Shopify’s Google Shopping app, you can sync your products and approved products can appear in relevant search results on the Google Shopping tab right within Shopify.

Enable this in your store.


Region Available: USA

Available: Live, for those that use IG product tagging

Bring your own storefront to your audience on Facebook and Instagram by integrating your products with Facebook through Shopify. This feature will be made available by Facebook over the next few weeks if you are already using Instagram product tagging.

A more comprehensive overview of this exciting feature can be found on our post here.

Learn more about Facebook Shops.

Shopify email

Region Available: Global

Available: Launched April 15

Launch simple email campaigns directly from your Shopify admin. Templates will be able to pull in your basic store design with a dashboard that tracks results. Shopify Email Is Rolling Out Now and Completely Free Until October 1, 2020.
Learn more about Shopify email.


Region Available: Global

Available: Live for IOS, Android coming later this year

Use the power of chat to convert visitors into customers. With Shopify Ping, merchants can chat with customers, answer questions and facilitate sales through the power of conversation. Leverage chat to offer personalized recommendations, keep customers up to date on the latest, and provide discount codes. Shopify Ping integrates with messaging apps such as Shopify Chat, Apple Business Chat, and Facebook Messenger.

Join the Ping Android waiting list.

Expanding your options through the back office

Product States

Region Available: Global

Available: Launching later this year

A much requested feature is coming, the ability to archive products once they’re not coming back, and potentially have a better structure so as not to generate 404’s.

You will also be able to create a product and save it as a draft to come back to finalize your product description, preview the product on your online store, or have a teammate add key product information before it goes live—with no worries it will get published to any sales channels before it’s ready.  

Product Creation

Region Available: Global

Available: Launching later this year

There are 2 new elements of Product Creation, coming later this year:

  • A mobile element required details like title, price, and variants. Merchants will be able to scan the barcode using the camera from the same flow, and even take photos for each variant. When they’re ready, they can review and publish their product.
  • And a web element, on desktop, merchants will soon be able to set up multiple products from a single page (which we call bulk product creation). They’ll be able to enter the most important information for each new product from a single page, saving time when they’re trying to move as quickly as possible. Merchants can add product images, price, titles, variants, inventory, and more on the same screen, and save them when they’re ready.

Orders Interface

Region Available: Global

Available: May 20th, fully rolled out by June 18th

The Orders List has been redesigned to help merchants get products to customers much quicker! In the past, merchants had to click into each order one by one in order to fulfill them. Orders list now shows merchants all the relevant information they need to know (e.g. customer details, items on the order, delivery method, order notes, and tags) at-a-glance, so they can organize their fulfillment workload more effectively. In the future will be adding further customization, so merchants can view exactly what they want to see on this page.

Inventory management and product returns

Region Available: Global

Available: Live

With inventory reports you can order, track, and receive inventory from your suppliers right in Shopify. To create a purchase order, click “create a purchase order” then select the supplier you wish to order products from. If the supplier information is not in Shopify yet, click “add supplier”. Fill in the purchase order details and download a pdf that you can email to your suppliers. Once your shipment comes in, you can reopen the purchase order and account for all the products and variants you received.

Purchase orders are rolling out now.

Coming soon: you will be able to receive products using the scanning feature on the Shopify mobile app.

Learn more about Shopify inventory management.

You will soon be able to manage returns with ease from one centralized back office. Available later this year.

Ship your orders faster for less

Curbside pickup

Region Available: Global

Available: Live

With local pickup, your customers can skip the shipping rates and pick up online orders in-store, curbside, or from other locations that you choose. You can fulfill pickup orders in your Shopify admin, through the mobile app, or with Shopify POS Pro. Any location associated with your online store (visible in Location settings) can be turned into a pickup location, and you can easily customize pickup instructions per location. When you’ve prepared an order for pickup, your customer is instantly notified and sent your pickup instructions via email. You can also print a packing slip to include with your order.

Pickup order fulfillment can be done for free on admin/mobile (all merchants), and for free using POS Pro until October 31st.

Local pickup is available to all merchants except those who meet the following criteria:

  • Merchants with more than 19 locations
  • Merchants who are not using multi location inventory
  • Merchants on single shipping origin
  • Merchants using Plus custom checkout

Enable curbside pickup in your store.

Local Delivery

Region Available:  Global

Available: Live

Local delivery allows merchants to offer a safe and secure delivery option for their products to nearby customers at checkout. With a few clicks, eligible merchants can enable this feature, define their delivery area and price, and manage all local delivery orders directly from their Shopify admin.
Get set up with local delivery.


Region Available: Global merchants shipping to US customers

Available: Live

The Shopify Fulfillment Network’s goal is to make fast and inexpensive shipping the new standard on the Internet. To do this, They’re building a network of warehouses with advanced technology to help businesses fulfill fast and affordably. To be eligible for the SFN, you must sell on Shopify, in the United States and ship between 10 and 10,000 US orders a day.

Shopify acquired a company called 6RS that makes collaborative robots to power the fulfillment network. ‘Chuck’ is what they call the most configurable collaborative mobile robots in the industry.

Apply to join the SFN.

Meet Chuck in Augmented Reality, a new feature you can also use today.

Boosting Store Performance

Storefront Renderer

Region Available: Global

Available: Currently rolling out to Plus, all merchants later this year

Shopify is rebuilding the online store engine, which takes themes and produces your online store, to further optimize for speed. This new application will change how Shopify serves Read Requests (e.g., opening a page on a store). Since SFR is significantly more resilient and scalable than the current implementation, merchants can expect to see speed performance gains — specifically on cache misses. They are already seeing between 50% and 100% improvement on load times for some online stores powered by the new engine.

Increased online store performance

Region Available: Global

Available: Beta starting in June

The Online Store performance dashboard will show you how your store is performing over time. This dashboard will help you understand what actions impacting your online store may have impacted speed, so that you have more information when troubleshooting performance issues. You will be able to view when you’ve changed themes, installed apps, or when someone in your business has logged in and updated a theme in order to help troubleshoot.

Sections everywhere

All our Shopify partners can't wait for this! This allows for easier customization at page and store level. Sections can be used on every page type and allows for quick layout, content changes and bulk edits to different page types w/ master pages. This was also announced last year so it’s unclear when this will be rolled out.

Get the developer preview here.

Head to the Shopify Plus blog to read about everything they announced at Reunite.

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